E.J. Malloy’s (Broadway)

EJMalloys_DineLBCIn 1865, Elias Jeremy Malloy was born in Dunleer, Ireland, a cow ridden but picturesque hamlet outside Dublin. After 20 years of sweat and toil, Elias and his bonny wife Colleen left their cows and ventured forth to make their fortune in the new world. They braved a long journey across stormy oceans, through the chaos of Ellis Island and over rough American plains before finally dropping anchor in Long Beach, California. One decade and nine children later, E.J. and Colleen finally found their pot of gold by doing something they loved…pleasing friends with their hospitality, hearty cooking, heavenly brews and annual “Shamrock Shenanigan festival” with the same perseverance and hard work of ten years before, E.J. Malloy’s was created.

Proprietor Brent Brakebill managed to restore E. J. Malloy’s to a reasonable semblance of its former Gaelic beauty, with a few minor conveniences like water closets, moving pictures, and telephones. In 1990, he opened the 3411 E. Broadway location in Belmont Heights. In September 2001 our second location was opened in Bixby Knolls on Atlantic Avenue and in 2014 our third location opened on Britton Drive in the Los Altos neighborhood. Twenty four years later, E.J.’s is honored to be known as Long Beach’s neighborhood pub.

At E.J. Malloy’s, we promise that the stools will always rise to meet you, the sun will always shine in your mug and the winds will always bring you back.

www.ejmalloyspub.com  / (562) 433-3769